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The idea for TCG was born one fateful day when David Rosen, TCG’s President and Founder, decided to start a revolution.

It’s funny, David never considered himself to be a revolutionary. Up until then he had been characterized by many as a soft spoken, unassuming man, not the sort of firebrand to go about attacking the status quo (if you know David, you know we are j/k!). But, in fact, that is exactly what he did when he founded TCG in 2001.

David had just emerged off the cusp of several campaigns and through his cumulative experiences had come to regard two observations as truth. A good many democratic candidates had lost elections, despite having better ideas and being harder workers. How is that so you may ask? David concluded that the explanation was simple – (1) their opponents had more money, and (2) a lot of the campaign consultants available for hire were mediocre at best. Thus, TCG, The Competence Group, was born.

TCG was founded on the sole principle of countering this unjust reality faced by democrats. The aim of TCG was and is to be excellent and competent, while garnering sufficient financial resources to help elect democratic candidates.

Since 2001, TCG has helped to successfully elect countless local, statewide, and national Democratic Party candidates. Since its inception, TCG has also expanded its core services to include other ideologically satisfying activities like Government Relations, Event Logistics/Production, VIP Hospitality, Public Speaking, and Expert Commentary.

Today, TCG maintains its commitment to excellence and competence in each of its service areas. It also maintains an unwavering devotion to caffeine, serious footwear, and the occasional acoustic guitar performance on Friday afternoons (feel free to drop in and partake!)

  • Panaceas for ending world poverty.
  • International economics and politics.
  • The most recent attempt of the office dog, Cash, to eat the fed ex man.

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